BONPRINT offers sheet offset printing on various types of paper: offset (70 – 300 g / m2), double sided chrome paper (80 – 350 g / m2), cardboard boxes (195 – 400 g / etc.), self-adhesive paper, label papers and luxury cardboards. The printer’s storages are loaded weekly, ensuring that the required quantities, formats and weights of paper.

BONPRINT print machines cover all formats up to 50/70 cm. We minimize costs and thus the cost of the final product by choosing the most suitable machine for a given order depending on the size, the color and the size of the product.

Pre-press and design

The pre-press m is one of the most important factors for a quality final product. Our qualified specialists are well acquainted with the best graphics software products (Adore Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and AdobeInDesign) and the ins and the subtleties of polygraphy.

Our graphic designers always come up with fresh ideas. They are ready to offer you different options for viewing the product you want. They will help you with the processing of photos, vectorization and word processing.

Our designers and prepress professionals work closely with each other and with the customer to ensure the quality of the finished product.